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Forwardslash is a blog about creative technology, programming, the Internet, and digital aesthetics. It’s written and curated by Justin Allen, who works on websites for a living and has been writing stories for even longer than he’s been writing HTML.

Other projects include Creosote Journal. You can follow on Twitter here.

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###Software as Art

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Art made with technology - in which software, in combination with hardware, is itself the creative medium - is a new arrival. Will art made with code one day be looked at alongside other mediums, like music and dance? I believe so, and it’s already happening.

The medium of computer programming has only recently become flexible and accessible enough to allow for a new domain to emerge, one where skilled interdisciplinary creatives, and not just hardcore engineers and hackers, can express their ideas.

What distinguishes creative technology, or software art from the more everyday work technologists do - such as web design or game development? It’s not always clear, and that’s a gray area this blog will explore. It’s worth remembering that painting and writing have utilitarian uses as well as creative ones. Music too. Software is no different.

This blog will aim at that blurred line and cross-category: the intersection of a Venn diagram with art on one side and technology on the other. What’s in the middle? That’s what I’d like to find out.

In addition, this blog will also collect some of my notes as a working technologist, and at least a few standard-issue how-to posts. Finally, a disclaimer: all opinions expressed here are my own and don’t reflect the perspective of my employer or clients.

Thanks for reading.

—Justin Allen